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How to flash install zip firmware (ROM) on Xiaomi Phones (Global or China)
This guide is compatible with both Global and China build and also works with Alpha, Beta, and Stable versions. In fact, the same guide can also be followed to install upcoming MIUI updates including MIUI 10.2, MIUI 10.5, and more. So, what are you looking for? Follow the below steps and update your Xiaomi smartphone to latest MIUI ROM.

The following flashing procedure is compatible only with Xiaomi Mi & Redmi smartphones. Don’t ever try on any other OEM smartphone.
Ensure the battery level on your device is more than 70% to prevent the accidental shutdown in-between the process.

Disclaimer: We are not responsible for any hardware/software issues that occur on your Xiaomi smartphone by following this guide. We ensure that the following guide is 100% safe to update your device to official firmware. In case, if you still feel uncomfortable with the following procedure, then please don’t proceed.

1. Firstly, Download MIUI 10 Recovery ROM and save it to your device storage.
2. Launch the ‘Updater’ app on your device.
3. Now you need to tap on the three-dot menu option ("..." icon) located at the top-right corner.
4. Select “choose update package”

In MIUI 10, choose update package is hidden. You must tap on number 10 icon 10 times to enable this menu

5. Select the downloaded recovery ROM which you have saved to device storage in Step 1.

6. Confirm!

That’s it! The installation process starts and once done your device will automatically reboot to the latest version.

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How to flash Fastboot firmware for Unlocked bootloader Xiaomi phone

Xiaomi Mi/Redmi Phone Flashing for Unlocked Bootloader

Note: A Windows PC/laptop will be needed for the following steps. Make sure that your device is fully charged or has enough power for this process. This guide will help you update your device to the latest MIUI ROM version. All user data will be purged in this process. Please back up your data and think twice before proceeding. All responsibility goes to you.

Only download 2 files.
  1. MIUI ROM Flashing Tool for flash official Fastboot ROM - Link
  2. Download Fastboot file for your device -

Decompress downloaded file. Please note if ext of file is .gz you have to extract 2 times, or quickly you can rename to ext .tgz then extract 1 time.
Open the file folder for the decompressed ROM pack, and copy its path on the computer.

Turn off the device. Press the Volume– key and the Power button at the same time to enter Fastboot mode. Then connect the device to the Windows PC/laptop via a USB cable

Decompress the MIUI ROM flashing tool downloaded in Step 1, and double click on it to install (if there is security warning, select 'Run'). After installation is completed, open MiFlash.exe
First, select clean all to make sure you will not forget it, if not, your phone will lock bootloader after flash and you can not boot

Paste the coppied path into the address bar the ROM file folder path copied in the Step 2 as picture below.

Click on the Refresh Button button to Refresh and detect the device, and MiFlash should automatically recognize the device.

Then click the Flash button to flash the ROM file to the device.

Now your device will restart automatically and you will get a fresh MIUI ROM!

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MiFirm - Get lastest firmware of any Xiaomi phone - Tải ROM mới nhất mọi máy Xiaomi
This is a small tool to find any Xiaomi phone lastest firmware if available
This tool will embedded a small shortlink, just wait 5 secs and press SKIP THIS AD to download.
Shortlink will be small support to make a better tool later.
No ads version may release later
Xin chào
Phần mềm nhỏ này dùng để tìm ROM mới nhất cho bất cứ điện thoại Xiaomi nào nếu có sẵn
Phần mềm sẽ nhúng một shortlink nhỏ, vui lòng đợi 5 giây và ấn SKIP THIS AD để download
Shortlink sẽ hỗ trợ một chút để tôi làm những phần mềm tốt hơn
Phiên bản không shortlink có thể phát hành sau.

Language: English
Code language: AutoIT
Author: Tungtata
Release: 20/06/2018
Update: 23/06/2018
- Optimize get speed
- Add Singleton (Ignore duplicate run app)
- Fix some bug

NEW: Web version of Mi Firm - more easy, no need to download tool

Download: Link removed

Have fun!

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QCN tool - Simply QCN edit, IMEI <-> HEX converter
This is a small tool to help you improve your work, change IMEI of QCN or simply convert IMEI to HEX or HEX to IMEI
This is a freeware, without ads, without paid version, without any fees
So if you like it, you can give me a coffee via paypal

Source: Open source
Language: English
Code language: AutoIT
Author: Tungtata
Release: 07/06/2018

Have fun!

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LG G6 Korean G600S G600L G600K Remove FRP - Please call me - FaceCry Lock

LG G6 G600S G600L G600K
Remove FRP Lock
Remove Please Call Me (FaceCry) Lock
Remove FRP and Please call me Lock
Make online via Teamviewer or direct in Hanoi (better price)
Best price ever for customer

Contact Now:
Whatsapp: +84.1296.935.935

#LG #G6 #G600S #G600L #G600K #FRP #PleaseCallMe #tungtata

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Quick tool - App Uninstaller - Uninstall 3rd apps quickly
This tiny tool i make in 30 mins just help me to uninstall all user apps quickly
There are some software have this function but they always install some apk
So my tool just uninstall by adb command, work perfect with almost model, will not install any apps and very fast (10-20secs for uninstall about 20 apps)
Please note: You must enable USB Debugging before
Full source can easily by AutoIT decompile tool, no ads, no virus

Source: Open Source
Language: English
Code Language: AutoIT
Author: Tungtata
Release: Early 2018

Have fun!

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Sửa lỗi font Georgia trên Chrome - Fix Chrome Georgia font
Một công cụ nhỏ để Fix lỗi font khó chịu trên rất nhiều trang Web sử dụng Font Georgia như Facebook, Wikipedia...
Lỗi này rất khó chịu, do chính Font Georgia có sẵn trong Windows lỗi
Nguyên lý hoạt động của tool này là bỏ hẳn bộ Font Georgia này ra khỏi Windows (Thực ra cũng chẳng ai sử dụng Font này)

Vì vậy khi Facebook hoặc Wikipedia hay các trang web request font này không thấy sẽ sử dụng một Font khác hỗ trợ Unicode đầy đủ và không bị lỗi dấu như Georgia

Sau khi fix, tool sẽ yêu cầu bạn Sign Out vào lại. Bạn có thể tùy chọn Sign out hoặc Reset sau cũng đc

Tool sẽ tự tạo 1 file .reg backup ở cùng thư mục khi fix, nếu bạn muốn trở lại trạng thái ban đầu, chỉ cần chạy file reg này là đc

Source: AutoIT
Author: aKiD
Release: 26/11/2016

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